Why amazilia?

With our innovative πMatch-System you can find someone with a personality that suits you! Furthermore, you can quickly find singles in your area who share your interests - the perfect basis for a happy partnership!

No ads

With amazilia you flirt without annoying ads and be assured, that we won't sell your personal data to ad networks.

We don't display any ads and safe precious screen space for what matters. This also protects your mobile data plan, which often gets exhausted by downloading lots of ads.

We are not backed by ads and independent of any advertisers - your data stays with us and is never sold.

Great love, small price

Both signing up and getting found is 100% free!

Only if you find someone interesting and want to get in touch, we ask you to support us - with just 1,-€ per month.

Find your love - anytime, anywhere

amazilia is very easy to use and works on your phone, tablet or PC.

Find someone special wherever you are.

State-of-the-art technology saves your precious mobile bandwith.

Sustainable and good for the environment

Of course, dating is what we are here for!

Nevertheless, we really do care about acting responsibly and protecting our environment.

That's why all our servers are power by 100% green energy. We avoid travelling by plane whenever possible, and rather travel by train, public transport or just on bike or foot.