Great love, small price

Signing up and "getting found" is completely free!

Once you found someone interesting you want to get in touch with, we ask for a small membership fee of just 1,- € per month.

Why not completely free?

Developing and operating amazilia costs money: our team needs to be paid and power, hardware, marketing don't come for free either.

Yet, there are three main income sources on the internet: Ads, donations and fees.

While Facebook, Twitter and such do (very) well displaying ads, without asking their users for any money, there is a catch: users "pay" with their personal data. These data usually is sold to ad networks for targeted advertising. This is contrary to our understanding of privacy - so it's not an option.

So we are left with donations - for which the Wikipedia is a good example - or membership fees. We like both. Finally, we decided to make the basic usage of amazilia completely free and only charge - a very low - fee for contacting others. So you can use amazilia free of charge and without any obligations as much as you like. Only if you like what and who you see, we ask for a small membership fee to get in touch with each other.

Just 1,- € per month? What's the catch?

There is none. You might think amazilia is inferior and cheap for such a small fee - but rest assured: We put many years of development work into amazilia, using state-of-the-art technology and offering great features to find a perfect match!

There's two reasons for the low price:

  1. We want to make sure everybody can afford amazilia
  2. We are a small, enthusiastic team, working very efficiently without a huge marketing budget. So we hope this small fee will someday be enough to pay our salaries, servers and cover all other costs :-)