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Why amazilia?

Sincere Online Dating

We offer many innovative features to find your special someone — just like the leading dating sites.
But for just 1€ / month completely free* and ad-free!

Furthermore, we highly value your privacy, sustainability and the environment.

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* Only when reaching out to another single, we kindly ask you for a small fee of just 1 € per month.

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Find someone sharing your interests in your neighbourhood or anywhere in the world.

You just enter which series, books, bands, video games you like and which other hobbies you have, and we will find singles for you who share as many of your interests as possible.

Personality Matching

With our innovative πMatch system, you will find your perfect personality match.

Just answer our questions about your personality and we will show you directly how well you harmonize with every other single.


Data reduction, data economy and privacy are not just buzzwords for us.

Benefits the environment

Our efficient servers are all powered with green energy.


Ads are annoying and often interfere with your privacy. So go ahead and enjoy our ad-free community.

The of our features: the πMatch system

Powered by our Personality Interview (PI = π), we find someone who really suits you!

Just answer our questions about your personality, tell us what you are looking for in your partner, and we'll find your perfect match.

The πMatch score quickly shows you how well your personality matches with each member.


We help you to quickly find a partner sharing your interests.

Just enter your hobbies and interests, and we find singles who share the most commonalities with you — in your area or anywhere in the world.

Big love, small price

We want to offer you the best features for a minimal price — ad-free!

That's why our service is unrivaled 1€ / month!

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Sustainable & responsible

We not only respect you but also the environment.

Our efficient servers are all powered by green energy. Our team prefers to travel by train, bike or afoot.

Strong Privacy

We respect your privacy and only acquire the data we really need technically.

You can sign up fully anonymously.

Of course, we use "https" — so all your input is transferred strongly encrypted.

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